Same old with a sprinkling of new

Hockey Sports Fests Changes to relm sports tournaments!

Since 2008, we have been organizing ice hockey and ringette tournaments hosted in Kingston, Ontario.  Throughout these past 10 years, we have grown to host nearly 400 teams each season and now offer seven tournaments spanning from youth boys & girls ice hockey, high school boys & girls divisions, ringette, senior boys showcase, and adult men’s and women’s divisions.

Recent restructuring, enables us as relm sports tournaments to continue to deliver exceptional tournaments and bring some exciting tweaks to our popular hockey and ringette tournaments for this winter and spring!

relm sports values

With all of the recent hype generated by Nike’s recent Just Do It campaign, we felt that we’d be incomplete if relm sports didn’t stand for anything.  Here are the values that we strive for each and every day!

  1. Work Hard – we work hard every day to deliver exceptional experiences for our participants
  2. Have Fun – we love what we do
  3. Try New Things – continue learning everyday by trying new things

what to expect in 2018-2019

First off, we will continue to host a variety of different tournaments, assemble competitive Prospects Teams, and fun camps!  But, there are a few changes that are going to be different this year!

new brand and website

We believe that it starts with family.  Right down to our name, which was created using the first letter of each name in our little family (Ryan, Erin, Libby & Molly).  Our new brand will strive to champion our values and we can’t wait!  The new website is intended to provide a simple registration process, provide a one-stop shop for all of our events, and provide a means for clear communication during tournaments for rules, standings, and schedules.  We will also be able to share stories and news about our tournaments, teams, and camps.

no more gate fee

We have removed our gate fee for all tournaments this year!  Yes this means that we have had to raise our registration fees a little but have been able to remain competitive with other tournaments in Ontario.

new events

We are offering two new events this year: 1) we are running public school PA day activities; and 2) we are offering a Corporate Charity tournament in support of the Original Hockey Hall of Fame in Kingston.  You can see more info about these two events by clicking on the buttons below!

PA Day Activities     Corporate Charity

We can’t wait to share our new brand with you and hope to see you in Kingston during our upcoming tournaments!