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Highlighting our Prospects Teams

During the past few months, I have been updating our new website and creating our relm sports brand.  During this time, I have reviewed our tournaments, teams and camps critically to ensure we are delivering the right service to our participants, spectators, officials, staff, and supporters.  One of these areas in our Prospects Players – we have a blast with this and want to share why!


During the early parts of the hockey season, September and October, I get to reconnect with our players from previous years and I start to map out which spots we have to fill on our rosters.  We manage 30+ teams so reconnecting with our returning players sparks a lot of conversations about what is in store for their upcoming seasons.  Next, we scan all tournaments that are suitable for our scouts to attend and start recruiting players to join our program.  From November to March, we attend games, practices, and tournaments watching and recruiting players to join our Prospects teams.  We are not recruiting for a big commitment with many tournaments and practices.  We are recruiting to invite players to participate in a fun environment, where you meet new friends, experience new coaches, and enjoy the City of Kingston for one tournament.

What Does It Mean To Be A “Prospects Player”?

When players join our Prospects Team for the first time, there is a feeling of curiosity.  After all, our Prospects Team plays in only one tournament (sometimes two) and many of the players meet each other for the first time just before their first game.  How can they possibly compete with these other teams?  Now it is a competition, and although we strive to build competitive teams occasionally other teams come out on top.  But, during this short-term competition, our coaches lead their teams throughout the weekend, often developing to new friendships and an experience like no-other.

We look for players who are great teammates. Becoming a Prospects Player is more than just about power and size. It is more than being able to skate and control the play. You must believe in yourself, you must play with confidence and character.  Check out more information here about our Prospects profiles

Who Coaches Our Prospects Players?

We hire experienced, non-parent coaches who are fantastic hockey minds.  The range of experience includes high school principals with 25 years coaching experience, OHL & QMJHL, NCAA, NHL, AHL, ECHL, USports (CIS), Olympics, CWHL, SPHL, AIHL, CJHL, and various other leagues.  Our coaches believe in development and encouraging fun.  Our coaches know what it takes to prepare to be your best.  And most importantly, our coaches are here for the kids.  Our coaches have helped countless players with connections to various opportunities to play at their desired school or team.

What’s Planned for 2019?

As usual, we are recruiting for each age group for our Boys and Girls Ontario Prospects Hockey Challenges, which is 30+ teams.  This year is also focused on recruiting coaches early to help recruit skilled, smart Prospects Players.  We are also rejuvenating our uniforms – stay tuned for the release of the new design in January!

Interested in applying?

If you are interested in joining our Prospects Teams as a player or a coach, please click the appropriate button below:

Player Registration   Coach Application

We can’t wait to see you around the rink this season!  Send us a message if you’d like us to come watch your daughter or son play!