Our Nations Heroes Play Hockey in Kingston

On October 28, 2018 in Kingston, ON the Leon’s Centre was filled with excited fans.  Our Nations Heroes hockey team played host to the Montreal Canadiens alumni for a fundraising event in support of the Portraits of Honour Foundation.

Nations Heroes

The fans were treated to exciting plays, some big saves, and phenomenal goals by both teams.  Of course, the Habs had some fun entertaining the crowd with a pie in the face of a Nations Heroes player and bucket of water onto the Nations Heroes bench!  There was even a loud cheer during the second intermission kids game, as Patrice Brisebois was called for a tripping penalty after he took down one of the Junior Paladins novice players who was heading to the net for a shot.

But the game was organized for so much more than the thrill of seeing the Habs alumni playing our Nations Heroes.  The game promoted health for our Service men and women, it promoted the Portraits of Honour Foundation, it remembered those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Thanks to the organizers, I had the privilege to be part of this incredible event.  The folks who organized this event have also adopted the #HighwayofHeroes clean it twice per year and support our Nations Heroes everyday! Way to go Team!  I was honoured to have refereed this special game and have shared some pictures on Facebook.

Thank you to all of those men and women who serve our country through the various services.  Thanks to the WJ Henderson Foundation, Iron King Gym, Portraits of Honour Foundation, and many hours by a small group of volunteers.

Learn more about Portraits of Honour www.portraitsofhonour.ca