Parents In Sports Week

This is the best time of year to be a parent of a kid in sports!

As a fan and sports parent, I think this is the best time of year!  You have most professional sports either gearing up for play-offs or kicking off their season.  You can watch highlights from baseball, golf, soccer, football, hockey, and ringette all in one sitting!

Another reason to love this time of year is the excitement and pure magic you feel when you walk into an arena, gymnasium, or field.  The kids are full of determination as they learn new routines, set new goals, and get acquainted with new teammates and coaches.  The coaches are full of inspiration as they map out their season plans.  The referees are crisp and the parents are filled with feelings of pride.

As parents set up shop in their second home hoping for an amazing season, they all naturally experience feelings of worry and apprehension.  But what is better than parents that are full of worry an apprehension?  Nothing.  This means they care!  They care about the kids having a great experience and hope that the upcoming season leaves them feeling like part of the team, a little more skilled, a little faster, a little stronger, a little smarter, and a little more confident.

The next several months will be spent trying to figure out how to get off work and get everyone fed on time to get to practices and games.  We’ve all seen the memes, “I can’t, I have <insert sport here>” or “how can you tell if your neighbours kids play sports? <shows picture of one lawn not cut>”.


This week is #ParentsinSportWeek, where we celebrate the valuable role that parents play in sports.  Between driving, preparing meals on the go, and providing a supportive ear, parents play an incredible role in supporting children in sport.  I understand the investment of time that goes into providing your kids with the opportunity to play sports.  I was incredibly fortunate and played hockey in the OHL, SPHL, and USPORTS, coached AAA and USPORTS, and was an OHA linesman.  You might find yourself giving up thanksgiving weekend because it’s game day but I can promise you that the sacrifices you make to be present on game day is a sacrifice worth a lifetime of skills and life lessons learned for your kids.

As a parent and after hosting nearly 6000 players each year at our tournaments, I want to share my thoughts.  You have the opportunity to enjoy watching your little one grow-up playing sports for around 10 years.  You have the opportunity to be amazed at how they behave as a teammate, execute athletic skills, develop leadership, develop discipline, and have FUN!  So, I say, kick-back, enjoy, use sports as a tool to give your kids something to remember!  Spend the next 10 years making friends with your team and love every minute!

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