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Account Information
Who Needs an Account, and Why?

Anyone who is listed as a team admin contact for an accepted or confirmed team within this tournament will need to have an account created within this website.

If you are a team admin for an accepted or confirmed team, having an account will allow you to manage your team's non-admin contacts, make payments and/or monitor payment status, upload additional documents that might be required by the tournament, and potentially manage your team's hotel bookings.

Please note that your login on this website is separate from your Sportsheadz App login. In order to get the best tournament experience from within the Sportsheadz App, all team contacts will need to download the app and create an account there. However, only team admin contact(s) need to create an account on this website.

Do I Need an Account to Register?

No, you can register your team without an account. However, if you are already a user of the Sportsheadz App and you are looking to register one of your active teams, creating your account on this website first will help make the registration process easier. Just make sure to use the same email address for your account on this website as you did for your Sportsheadz App account.

Getting Started

You are not currently logged in. The buttons below will bring you to the pages to either create a new account, or to login to an existing one. If you think you might already have an account, but have maybe forgotten the passowrd, use the login option below as there are options to retreive your password on that page.

Register Without an Account

If you haven't registered your team yet and wish to do so without creating an account first, click the link below to return to the main tournament registration page.