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Sunshine Cup Tournament Rules
Please see the article for tournament rules. 

SSC Tournament Rules and Regulations July 11th – 15th, 2023



Tournament Director:

The tournament Director shall be responsible for resolving all issues, pertaining to the event. This shall include all on ice and off ice disputes, should any arise. He or she will not overturn any dispute concerning rules, and/or judgement applied by on ice officials. All decisions by the tournament director are final, and non appealable.

Player Eligibility:

A player can only play for one team in his or her age group, playing for multiple age groups is at the discretion of the player and coach, prior to the start of the game, all players must appear on an official roster and be agreed to by the coach in charge of the team.


Home team and Away team will be indicated on the tournament schedule, if a conflict occurs regarding color, it will be the responsibility of the home team to wear the jerseys provided by the tournament as the back up for that game only. Two sets of jerseys are recommended, however not a rule, as the event will supply back up jerseys.

Early Start Option:

All teams will be prepared to play 15 minutes prior to every game, should an opportunity to start early arise, the officials will control the start time, this is done for the purpose of trying to ensure the event stays on schedule, team cooperation is appreciated by the tournament committee.

Penalty Box:

Each participating team will provide a representative of their team to be in the penalty box during the game, this is to ensure rules, continuous flow, and hockey respect is kept during the event.


Game Warmups:

Pucks will be provided for warm up, it is the responsibility of each team to ensure all pucks are collected at the end of the warmup and placed back in the container provided. Warmups will consist of 3 minutes only, at the conclusion of warm up, the game will start exactly 1 minute after the warmup is completed. If players cross the red line during warm up, and it is recognized as intentional, and disruptive for any reason, the game will start with a penalty assessed to start the game to the violating team(s).

Time Outs:

No Time Outs are permitted during the games.

Period Length:

All periods will be 13-minute stop time. There will be no overtime during regulation games, a shootout will be used to award an extra point in the event of a tie. Each team will be awarded 1 shot till a winner is declared. Home team will shoot second, visitor will shoot first. 1 shooter per team till a winner is declared.

Period Break:

1 Minute only, period will start at the end of one minute by the officials.

Mercy Rule:

The mercy rule will be in effect. If a team at any point during the third period is leading by 5 or more goals, the clock will revert to straight time. If the score reverts back to 3 or less goals at any time during the mercy rule application, the clock will go back to stop time.



As per normal hockey regulations, officials are in charge. Respect for officials is paramount to the success of the event, any abuse of an official will result in the suspension of a player for the duration of the event.



Age Groups 2010-2015no CHECKING

All minor penalties duration is 1:30 minutes. Major penalty 5:00 minutes, Misconducts 10:00 minutes.

4 minor penalties in one game will result in a game misconduct for that player. The Coach will be assessed a bench minor as a result of the 4th penalty. The 4th penalty will be a 3-minute penalty for the team, and player will be ejected from that game only.

Age Groups 2009-2007

All minor penalties duration is 1:30 minutes. Major penalties 5:00 minutes, Misconducts 10:00 minutes.

4 minor penalties in one game will result in a game misconduct for that player. The Coach will be assessed a bench minor as a result of the 4th penalty. The 4th penalty will be a 3-minute penalty for the team, and player will be ejected from that game only.

Any player receiving a match penalty or gross misconduct will be suspended for the game as well as the following game, should a player receive more than one, the player will be suspended for the duration of the tournament.

On ice altercations:

If an on-ice altercation occurs, by fighting, between players, coaches, or anyone involved in the game, the clock will continue to run. Game times will not be restored for on ice altercations.


Forfeited Games:

Any game forfeited by a team, for any reason, including officials calling a game based on one teams’ failure to comply, will result in a 3-0 score for the opposing team.


Division Scoring System:

All divisions will be scored as follows and results posted in standings as follows.

1)      3 points regulation win

2)      2 points shootout win

3)      1 point tie

Tie Breakers:

In order of,

1)      Total team points

2)      Head-to-head if two teams tied.

3)      Goal Differential - Maximum 7 differential per game regardless of score

4)      Least number of goals allowed.

5)      Fewest Penalty Minutes during event

6)      Coin Toss


Overtime Rules Playoffs:

1)      3 on 3 maximum 5 minutes, first goal wins

2)      Shootout, first goal rule applies, both teams get minimum 1 shooter.

Shootout Eligibility:

1)      Player serving a penalty at the time of shootout cannot shoot.

2)      Player ejected from game cannot return to shoot. (it has happened)

3)      Once a player shoots, he or she is not eligible to shoot again, unless the entire team has shot at least once.

4)      Home team shoots second in a shootout


Tournament Guidelines Special Events:

Ø  Kick off Pool Party Saddlebrook 3 Pm Sunday July 9th, all teams welcome, all events provided by Saddlebrook.

Ø  Team Meals- Each team will receive a minimum of two team meals at a local sponsor, it is the coach’s responsibility to see all team members and guardians are present, these are provided for your benefit, sponsor restaurants will be preparing for your arrival. This will include 17 player meals and 3 coaches. Team Coach or Manager will receive details upon re

Ø  Registration prior to your first game. Sponsors are paramount to event success we hope you will respect this as a benefit to your organization.

Ø  Opening Ceremonies: 7:00 PM Wednesday July 12th, all teams will wear their team jerseys, and be present by 6:30 PM in the Multi Purpose Room of the Advent Health Center Ice Arena. Staff will place all teams in order, oldest to youngest, and will march on to the ice of the voice of the Tampa Bay Lightning Paul Porter by way of introduction. A very brief ceremony will take place, to be culminated by the playing of both the Canadian and USA National Anthems. The National Anthem will be played at the conclusion of the brief ceremony. Failure to attend the opening ceremony will result in a 2-goal deficit at the start of your next game played. Opening ceremonies are for kids and parents, it is a very bad look to not be present.

Ø  EP/Rinkside Awards GALA- Friday July 14th. Times will be communicated through the coaches what’s app. Each team at registration will be given a sheet of paper, to fill out and provide back to the Awards Chair by Thursday evening July 13th, the following awards will be presented during the ceremony, to be held in the Multi Purpose room with pictures, guest presenters and awards, including music.

o   MVP

o   Top Forward

o   Top D

o   Top G

o   Grit Award

o   Top Prospect Award

Ø  Nominees from each team will be called to the stage, a prize will be given to all nominees, with one extra to the winner as well. Failure to submit your award nominees will result in a 2-goal deficit to start the next game for your team.

Ø  Gold Medal Ring GAMES- At the completion of the game, both teams will line up on their respective blue lines, the closing will follow.

Ø  Player of the GAME Awards- At the conclusion of each game, a player of the game will be awarded, a nice prize and certificate from a local sponsor. It is important that both teams’ line up immediately, the award will be presented by tournament staff, please ensure we do not lose time with this process.



Once locked down, schedule is final.


Front lobby, provided by major sponsor Rinkside Sports.

Resort Parking:

Saddlebrook has a new valet service, complimentary parking is available for our event, or you can choose to pay the $25 dollar. If you choose to take complimentary, you can drop off at the front lobby area, then drive to the location near the dorms just as you enter the resort. A shuttle will pick all guests up and drive back to front, or just the driver, your call. The shuttle will go nonstop or be called by the guest for pick up at 813-907-4489 for the bus.

Chairmans Request:

The game of hockey is best showcased with the presence of respect, we have and are known in North America as game where everyone has each others back.  All rules and guidelines are put in place to have a good event, run smoothly and respectfully. As the tournament Chairman, organizer, and risk taker, I ask that you please be respectful at all times when dealing with any kind of issue, conflict, complaint etc. We ask that you also do your best to reflect upon your parents, the Saddlebrook Sunshine Cup is not the finish line for their child’s hockey career, and that people are only doing their best to try and run a great event. No other event has as much potential as this event does, location, timing, resort, beautiful arena, amenities etc. Let’s take advantage of that. Good luck to all, we look forward to a great time and a great event. Any questions feel free to reach out to any of us. Thank you.


Tournament Chairman:

Roger Shannon

[email protected]



Tournament Coordinator:

Christa Reynolds

[email protected]



Tournament Convenor/Awards Chair:

Marlin Muylaert

[email protected]



Tournament Scoring IT Information

Jeff Rector

[email protected]