Rules, Ontario Prospects A/AA Boys Hockey Challenge, 2022-2023, Tournaments (RELM Sports)

This Tournament is part of the 2022-2023 season, which is not set as the current season.




  • Each team will play a minimum of four games in the tournament.
  • Pre-game warm-up will be three-minutes run-time during all tournament games.  Teams must provide their own pucks for warm-up
  • Game Lengths:
    • U9: 3 x 10-minute stopped time periods
    • U10: 3 x 10-minute stopped time periods
    • U12: 3 x 10-minute stopped time periods
    • U13: 3 x 10-minute stopped time periods
    • U14: 10-15-15 minute stopped time periods
    • U15: 10-15-15 minute stopped time periods
    • U16: 10-15-15 minute stopped time periods


  • There will be no overtime in a preliminary game.  Games ending in a tie will be recorded as a tie game.


  • If there is a tie game at the end of regulation time during playoff games, the following overtime rules will apply:
    • 1 x 3-minute stop-time sudden death period played 3-on-3 + goalie
    • If tie remains, a sudden death shootout will be used with a minimum of 1 shooter from each team. Should it still be tied after 1 shooter, the sudden death shootout will continue until there is a winner. All players must on the bench must shoot prior to a player shooting for a second time
    • During overtime, a team will never play fewer than 3 skaters and will add an additional player (i.e. 4 on the ice) until the penalized player of the opposite team returns to the ice.  At the next stoppage, teams will return to 3-on-3
  • One 30-second timeout per team per game will be permitted in the playoff round only.


  • If a difference of five or more goals exists at any time in the 3rd period in preliminary round games or playoff games, the clock will become running time
  • The time will stop again should the lead be reduced to a 3-goal margin.


  • Game Ejection: dismissed from that game only and reviewed by Tournament Director
  • Game Misconduct: reviewed by Tournament Director and may be subject to additional discipline.
  • Fighting Penalty: anyone involved in Fighting ON or OFF the ice on premises will be ejected from the tournament.
  • Match penalties: suspended for the remainder of the tournament.
  • All misconducts shall be reviewed by the Tournament Director.
  • Body checking is not allowed in any division except in the U15(2009) and U16(2008) divisions. 
    •  U14 (2010) will be allowed hybrid body checking.


  • The team’s manager/coach must check-in at the tournament office 30-40 min prior to each game.
  • Should a major delay occur (i.e. “act of god”, power failure, major injury, etc.), after ½ hour the game will be called, and the current score will be recorded, regardless of time remaining in game.
  • The ice will be resurfaced after every game unless otherwise directed by the Tournament Director.
  • Based on Livestream schedule and space between games and maintaining ice, all games will start on time unless notified otherwise. 
    • A team that does not present itself to a game will be subject to a disciplinary committee and possible expulsion from the tournament. A defaulted game result will be a 3 - 0 for the winning team and 0-3 result to the losing team.
  • All players must wear CSA approved equipment or US equivalent. We are not liable for any injury due to equipment that not meet approved safety regulations/requirements.
  • Neck guards & Mouthguards: Players are required to wear all equipment as directed by their winter leagues.
  • The HOME team for playoff only will be the team with the highest ranking after the preliminary round and will decide which jersey color the team will wear.
  • Referees will abide by the current Hockey Canada Rulebook. No protests will be accepted regarding the judgement calls made by referees. 
  • Teams will be financially responsible for any damage to dressing rooms. Each team should leave the dressing room within 25 min. after each game.


  • The point system for teams ranking in the standings will be as follows: 2 points for a WIN, 1 point for a TIE, & 0 points for a LOSS. 
  • Regardless of the final score, a team will not be credited with more than a 5-goal difference.
  • Teams ranking in the standings will be sorted by Total Points.
  •  In the event of a tie (2 or more teams) for a playoff seed, the following criteria will apply sequentially until 1 team and only 1 team is identified ahead of all other teams tied. That team has the next position in the standings while we repeat the whole process with the remaining teams to determine the team's ranking in the standings:
    • Head-to-Head (head-to-head not used if 3+ teams are tied and will only be used if all teams tied have played each other)
    • Highest BR (GF÷(GF+GA))
    • Least Goals Against (GA)
    • Most Goals For (GF)
    • Fastest goal at the beginning of a game in the preliminary round
    • Least penalty minutes during the tournament
    • Flip of a coin by the Tournament Director


  • Teams must provide a final official game roster to the Tournament Director prior to the start of the FIRST game of the tournament. Teams may not add any new players. The exception to this rule is that injured, sick, or unavailable goalies may be replaced with the assistance/approval of Tournament Director. 
    • The roster must include a unique jersey number for each player.
    • Players must be the appropriate age/caliber for their respective division.
    • All eligible players must be entered on the first game score sheet (maximum 20 players including 2 goaltenders). Every team must dress a minimum of 6 players and 1 goaltender. A ten-minute delay will be permitted to dress a second goaltender in the event the regular goaltender is injured, and the team has no dressed goaltender on the bench.
    • A player may only play for one team in one a division but can play for another team above that specific level during the tournament if approved by the Tournament Director.
    • Players must play a minimum of 2 games in the preliminary round to be eligible to play during the playoff round. Failure to do so will disqualify said player.

We strive to provide a great experience at our tournaments for all attendees.  Team Officials are responsible for their actions and those of the parents and players. Aggressive or abusive behavior on the part of any player, team official, coaching staff or parent may result of your team being suspended for the balance of the tournament.

At all times, the tournament director reserves itself the final word on the interpretation of the rules and has the right to change or alter these rules without any prior notice to act in the best interests of the tournament.