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Tournament Rules

Team Managers are asked to register their team 45 minutes prior to the start of their first tournament game.


  1. Hockey Canada rules & OMHA regulations will govern all games with the following additional rules for the tournament operation.
  2. Teams must register at the Tournament Headquarters (at each location) before their first game
    1. Official Team Roster and Travel Permit must be provided prior to your first game
  3. All teams are guaranteed 4 games.
  4. Only players on the approved roster are eligible to play in the tournament.
  5. Home jerseys will be white (or lighter colour). If a colour conflict arises, the home team will be asked to wear their alternate set. If the home team does not have an alternate set, the visiting team will be asked to wear their alternate set.
  6. If there is a 5-goal spread in the 3rd period the clock shall become run time until the spread is reduced to 3 goals. If during the run time a penalty is assessed, 2-minute penalties will be posted as 3 minutes and 5 minute penalties will be posted as 7 minutes.
  7. No time outs in the preliminary games. One 30-second time out per team, per game, in all playoff games
  8. Team association rules in effect for all equipment requirements – including mouthguards and neck guards.
  9. There will be no protests entertained on referee’s decisions. All other decisions on rules, protests and conduct will be made by the Tournament Committee and are final.
  10. It is the responsibility of the coaches and team officials to ensure that there are 2 team officials (or designated parents ) in the dressing room with the players at all times, from the time the players enter the room to the last player leaving. Dressing rooms are to be cleared, inspected and keys left in the dressing room door within 20 minutes of the game ending. The bench and dressing room is to be cleaned by departing team. Any damage found by arriving team is to be reported to the tournament office. Any damages that occur will be the responsibility of the team and bills for damages will be assessed and could result in the team being expelled from the balance of the tournament.
  11. Game duration: all games will be 10-10-10 stop-time periods unless the mercy rule is in effect for the 3rd period. 
  12. Pre-game Warmups: The warmup will be posted at 3 minutes. The whistle will be blown after 2-minutes and the handshake will take place in the final minute of the posted warm up.
  13. Ice will be flooded prior the start of each game.
  14. RELM Sports allows the tournament photographer access to the penalty box and team benches to take photographs during play, the photographer assumes all liability.

Tournament Suspensions

  • Any suspension received in the tournament will be served in the tournament where possible.
  • Any fighting penalty will result in immediate tournament expulsion.
  • Tournament suspensions and length of suspension are per OMHA rules. (Check your league to find out if you have to serve your suspensions in your league as well)
  • Any player or coaching staff receiving a Match Penalty is suspended for the rest of the tournament.
  • Referees and tournament officials will have zero tolerance for profanity, obscene gestures, discriminatory slurs and verbal abuse from coaches, players and parents.
  • It is up to each team to find out what, if any, suspensions occurred in their game, by their team, and what suspensions are to be served in the tournament.
  • Any team playing with a suspended player will have that game(s) defaulted by a 3-0 score and the Head Coach suspended for 3 games.

Standings and tie-breaker

  • All standings and statistics will be available at
  • All games will use Gamesheet App for all game sheets
    • Team officials will be able to complete their game sheet 30 minutes prior to each game in the Tournament Office
  • The point system for teams ranking in the standings will be as follows: 2 points for a WIN, 1 point for a TIE, & 0 points for a LOSS. 
  • Teams ranking in the standings will be sorted by Total Points.
  • In the event of a tie (2 or more teams) for a playoff seed, the following criteria will apply sequentially until 1 team and only 1 team is identified ahead of all other teams tied. That team has the next position in the standings while we repeat the whole process with the remaining teams to determine the team's ranking in the standings:
    • Head-to-Head (head-to-head not used if 3+ teams are tied and will only be used if all teams tied have played each other)
    • Highest BR (GF÷(GF+GA))
    • Wins
    • Least Goals Against (GA)
    • Most Goals For (GF)
    • Least penalty minutes during the tournament
    • Fastest goal at the beginning of your first game in the preliminary round
    • Flip of a coin by the Tournament Director


  • No overtime in round robin games.
  • Playoff Games: if tied a 5-minute 3 on 3 over time will take place (teams do not change ends). In the event the game remains tied after 5-minutes a best of three alternating shootout will occur, with the home team shooting second. The coach must indicate on the game sheet the starting three shooters prior to the game. If still tied a sudden victory shootout will commence with the rest of the team’s players. No player may shoot twice until all players on the team (except goaltenders) have had a turn. If one team has used all their players on the game sheet then both teams can restart their selection.