Rules, Napanee 4v4, 2022-2023 (RELM Sports)

This League is part of the 2022-2023 season, which is not set as the current season.

Napanee Spring 4v4 League 2023

RELM Sports


OMHA rules and regulations regarding protective equipment must be adhered to. As such, all players and goaltenders must be in full equipment, including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. a CSA approved hockey helmet
  2. a CSA approved hockey full facial protector
  3. a mouthguard
  4. a BNQ approved throat protector
  5. a throat guard (goaltenders only)

Game Format:

  • 60-minute running time clock that starts at the scheduled game time.
  • The 60 minutes INCLUDES:
  • a flood and a 2-3 minute warm up (ended at the discretion of the referee by his/her whistle)
  • shaking of hands BEFORE the start of the game
  • a one-minute break during a stoppage in play at around the 22-minute mark (indicated by a buzzer sounded by scorer/timer). Teams DO NOT switch ends.
  • Players will leave the ice IMMEDIATELY following the buzzer ending the game. The ONLY time the clock will stop is if the following:
  • There is an injury during the last two minutes of the game AND the score is within 2 goals
  • The Clock will stop in the last minute if the score is within 1 goal
  • If necessary, the Scorer/Timer may increase or decrease the 50-minute running time to keep the day on schedule.

Game Play and Rules:

  • No icings
  • No body checking. 
  • The body cannot be used to check an opposing player. Infractions of this rule, not defined under standard penalty definitions, will result in a minor penalty (for BODY CONTACT) or a major penalty AND game ejection AND a game suspension (for BODY CHECKING). The severity of this consequence reflects the potential danger that is imposed when players are not expecting to be hit and, as such, do not properly prepare themselves for the contact.
  • Only a team’s assigned Coach, Trainer, and players are permitted on the bench. Exceptions:
  • Coaches or Trainers from within the league who have been asked to fill in for absent Coaches or Trainers.
  • Parents of players on the team who have been invited by the Coach to assist with gates.
  • A team must have dressed a minimum of four (4) skaters from their roster and one goaltender or the game will be deemed an automatic forfeit.
  • In the event that a team has SEVEN (7) or less skaters, the team may borrow players from another team or teams in the same division, or from one division below, bringing their total number of skaters to NO MORE THAN EIGHT (8) skaters.
  • The use of additional or replacement players from a higher division is NOT PERMITTED and will be deemed an automatic forfeit.
  • The use of additional or replacement players from outside of the league is NOT PERMITTED and will be deemed an automatic forfeits AS WELL AS removal of the Coach from the league.
  • In the event of an absent goaltender, a team may use any one of the following to avoid an automatic forfeit:
  • A player from the team
  • A goaltender or player from another team in the same division
  • A goaltender from one division below
  • (Please note that goaltender equipment regulations must always be adhered to).
  • Replacement goaltenders from higher divisions, while acceptable for the game to played, will result in an automatic forfeit. Replacement goaltenders from two or more division below is not permitted.
  • In the event that a goaltender is injured during a game and a replacement (as described in a, b, or c above) cannot be found, the team will play with one additional skater on the ice. In such instances, players are not permitted to stand in the goaltenders crease to stop shots.
  • 3 Line Rule – If a team is leading by 5+ goals in the second half, a player may not skate the puck over 3 lines. The player must make a pass or dump the puck.


  • When a player commits an infraction, he/she must go to the penalty box to serve the penalty. During the penalty, the opposing team adds a player for a 5-on-4 advantage. When the player’s penalty has expired, he/she may leave the box and join the play until such time that a whistle occurs. At that time, play reverts back to 4-on-4 hockey.
  • If, during a penalty kill, the short-handed team commits another infraction, the result is a 5-on-3 advantage, not a 6-on-4 advantage.
  • Coincidental Penalties result in continued 4-on-4 play. Penalized players must remain in the box following the expiration of their penalties until play has stopped.
  • Minor Penalties are two (2) minutes in length during all periods of running time. Major Penalties are four (4) minutes in length during all periods of running time. Body Contact is a two-minute minor.
  • Body Checking is a four-minute major, a game ejection, and a game suspension.
  • Match Penalties result in the suspension of a player for the balance of the game, a major penalty and the offending player shall be ordered to the dressing room.            All match penalties will also result in immediate suspension and will be automatically reported to the League Director.
  • Gross Misconducts result in the suspension of a player for the balance of the game and the offending player shall be ordered to the dressing room.  All gross misconducts will also result in immediate suspension and will be automatically reported to the League Director.
  • Following the report of a match penalty or a gross misconduct, a decision will be made by the League Director, in consultation with league officials, regarding the length of the suspension or expulsion from the league.
  • Controlled Ejection (game ejection) will be assessed to any player that accumulates three (3) infractions of any type in a single game.
  • An official has complete and final authority as to the severity of infractions and the control to stop play at any time if deemed appropriate.


  • Any comments or behaviors by staff, volunteer coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, officials, players, or spectators which are deemed “disrespectful, humiliating, demeaning, offensive, abusive, racist or sexist” and, in particular, “behaviour which constitutes bullying, harassment or abuse” (OMHA Manual of Operations) will not be tolerated and will be dealt with appropriately.


  • Protests must be submitted in writing to the League Director within 48 hours of the game.


  • Standings at the end of the regular season will determine the draw for Championship Weekend.
  • End of Season Tie-breaker Criteria Order
  • Total Points
  • Most Wins Overall
  • Head to Head
  • Total Goal Differential
  • Fewest Goals Against
  • Most Goal Scored

Trading / Acquiring Players:

  • Please note:
  • Only under extreme circumstances will trades be considered for the purpose of helping to balance teams. All trades will be at the discretion of the League Director.
  • As the season progresses the League Director has the right to move players either up or down a division in an effort to ensure that said players are participating at a level that is conducive to their abilities.
  • Only if a team’s roster is reduced (for reasons such as a season-ending injury, choice to discontinue participation in the league, etc.) will an additional player(s) be added to the team from the waiting list.

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