Registration, Girls U15 (2009-2010) Tier 1, Girls, RELM Teams (RELM Sports)


RELM Sports Girls 2009 Tier 1

May 26-28, 2023
Kingston, ON


To register your player for this RELM Sports team, please click the following link: SportsHeadz | Registration


This tournament team features: 

  • 4 game guarantee 
  • Player Jersey and Socks 
  • High Level Coaches
  • Insurance

Our Goals:

  • Player First:
    • Make the game enjoyable and FUN
    • Encourage a respectful and competitive atmosphere
  • Skills Development:
    • Present opportunities in youth sports activities as shown in the diagram below with emphasis on skills
    • Provide the opportunity for young Prospects to interact with new friends
  • Sportsmanship & Respect
    • To provide long-term opportunities for players to compete against, develop, and play with top teams and players
    • Bring international teams to each activity to create a rich setting to exchange views about values and to make new friends